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As an Author, Life Coach, Energy Practitioner, NLP Coach and Motivational Speaker, I am dedicated to inspire, motivate & empower people to reach for & live their dreams.  I believe in you, now I need to make sure that you believe in you.. 


For now EGEIA Corporate shares this site with our sister company Egeia ~ House of Health.  You will find our corporate trainings listed under the 'Trainings' tab on the menu bar.  You will find our personal growth and development workshops under the Seminars tab.


Please feel free to email us at should you wish to enquire about any of our services and we look forward to supporting you to outstanding personal and professional results. 

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14-01-2015 Happy 2015 to you all,   What an amazing year we have ahead of us.  I have already ran 4 workshops and we are still in the first few weeks of January, 2015.   I love starting a New year with clarity on what I want to achieve and how I want to ex read more
08-12-2014 Hello gorgeous people,   I hope that you are enjoying many magical moments..     I am so excited to be commencing my next National Tour with the 'Art of Abundance - Goal Setting & Vision Board Creation' Workshops..    Is it tim read more
15-05-2014 Hi there,    Wow, what a fabulous and exciting year 2014 is showing itself to be!    I dont know about you, but I am having an amazing time, stepping into some new passions and projects. Almost 4 years ago we commenced out first Holistic Ps read more

Welcome to EGEIA

Hello and thank you for visiting our website.  Many people tell us that they are finding that life is becoming more and more challenging?  We set up Egeia to help people and businesses find new ways to not only cope but thrive.  We bring to you a range of life changing workshops and services to make it easier, we know most people only access a small portion of their potential, hop on and we'll give you the key to unlock it fully.  PS: Why not book in to attend one of the "Art of Abundance - Goal Setting & Vision Board Creation workshops heading on National Tour across Australia starting in January, 2015.  See link for schedule event dates.

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